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QS120M Mild SteelA range of steel MIG wire to suit different applications, as well as high quality general purpose steel wire such as QS120M, suitable for most steel applications.  Available in 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm
QS140MStainless Steel

A comprehensive range of stainless alloys (including inconel, dissimilar steel and other exotic wires) is available in MIG wire.  QS140M is a high quality grade of 316L stainless and can be used on most grades of stainless steel.  Also available in flux-cored for high deposition and positional work.


There are many forms and grades of aluminium alloys including sheet cast, extruded and wrought.  We specialise in matching the correct alloy wire for any given welding procedure - including writing the procedure if required.  We cater for welding silicon based, magnesium, manganese, hi-tensile and pure aluminium grades.  Contact us to make sure you have the right alloy, the right application and your machine has been set up correctly. 

QS400M Cast IronCast repairs are predominantly carried out using nickel-based electrodes. MIG welding of cast iron is much easier with nickel iron, nickel copper and pure nickel alloy MIG wires 
QSM5000 SERIES MIG hard facingIs wear due to impact, abrasion, corrosion or a mixture of these variables?  What is the base metal? Is the wire compatible and will the wire perform in the position required?  MIG welding is often used for large surface areas, so special care is required.  Please contact us for technical advice and trials.
QSMFFlux-coredA range of flux-cored MIG wires are available.  In steel MIG welding it can be used for gasless welding or for applications where welding outside may reduce gas shielding. 


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