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Why do an HRA?

Oxygen, Acetylene, LPG and all other gases are classed Dangerous Goods (DG) Class 2 throughout every State and Territory of Australia.  Within every State and Territory they have different Dangerous Goods Acts and Regulations which outline specific duties your organisation has to achieve to be compliant by law.  The first requirement is to conduct a Hazard and Risk Assessment (HRA) and then there are approximately 45 other Duties to be controlled.

Where do we start?

Select the right consultant

All DG regulations specify a technically competent person must conduct the assessment.  Quantec Solutions has a strict documented internal Oxy/Fuel HRA Policy and Management System and our consultants are trained extensively both internally and externally to comply with appropriate Acts, Regulations and Australian Standards.

 Assessment Criteria

Our Assessmet criteria complies with all Acts, DG Acts, Regulations and appropriate Australian Standards.  It provides you with a whole analysis of your organisation in how Oxy/Fuel allied processes are managed and operated.  It identifies the quality of equipment, the skills and knowledge of operators, culture, communication between management and operators and most importantly the commitment within the organisation towards Oxy/Fuel Safety.  We record all hazards identified, calculate the risk to business, communicate and recommend appropriate controls and document the action taken.  Quantec Solutions can assist implementing strategies to improve safety to increase production and up skill management and operator awareness which fit within your resources.

Assessment Tool

Our HRA is completed using a systemised Risk Assessment Program so you will have a consistent framework whether you have 1 or 100 sites in any State or Territory.  We store your results for a minimum of 5 years, which are accessible to you at any time.  Most importantly we can monitor over the years exactly what you have done to maintain a quality standard of the highest level and as a combined effort implement strategies to always improve your oxy/fuel allied processes.  Our completed reports can then be sent to you via email, hard copy and disc.


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