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Engineering and Welding SuppliesO H &STechnical Support

MIG and Plasma Cutting Machines

Sale of reconditioned machines, new machines, rental or service.  We specialise in exceptional brands such as Esab and can also supply most other brands.

TIG and ARC Welding Machines

Machines like the Esab Caddy renown for its reliability and quality.  Ask about the many other options.

Hand and Power Tools

Qualified training in safe use of hand tools.  Quantec staff can advise on the safest and most reliable tools for your work place needs - including drill bits, burrs, discs and spare parts.


Quantec Solutions has a large range of spares to suit popular brands in MIG guns i.e.Tweco, Eliminator, Binzel and Bernard Guns.  Quantec also supplies spares and service repairs for MIG and TIG machines.  All spares are available for TIG torches 9v to 26v including water cooled torches.

 MIG Spares - all popular brands TIG Spares - all popular brands  

 Adapter kits

 Leads Argon regulators Sharpener stones
 Anti Splatter Liners (Steel ,Teflon & Nylon) Collets Shrouds/aluminium cups
 Argon regulators Nozzle Dip Collet bodies Specialised helmets
 Complete guns (all types) Quick connectors Contact switches TIG gloves
 Diffusers (gas diffusers) Shrouds Filler wires TIG leads and gas hoses
 Earth Clamps Steel and alloy (roller guides)  Flow metre Tungstens
 Goose necks Tips - all types Gas lens - for outside Tungsten sharpener
 Insulators  Leads and torches Quick connectors

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