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 QS120T Mild Steel Copper coated high tensile welding wire
 QS140T Stainless Steel Stainless steel TIG filler wire for TIG and OXY-acetylene welding 316L Grade.  Stabilised and available silicon based for supplier.
 QS600Range Aluminium A full range of aluminium TIG filler wires of various grades and sizes
 QS400T Cast Iron Pure nickel TIG wire - fantastic for low heat input crack
 QS420T  Copper nickel TIG wire - high strength TIG welding of cast and dissimilar
 QS200T Range Non Ferrous De-oxidised copper and a range of bronze and silver alloys, titanium, magnesium etc. are also available
 QS500T TIG hard facing Most of the OXY hard facing filler rods are also used in the TIG process.  Many TIG hard facing applications involve tool steel, building-up cutting edges and smaller componentry subjected to wear.
 QST Range Spares & Machine Consumables We carry a complete range of spares for all 9V to 26V torches and supply/service other parts for machines, torches and leads etc.
 QS881 Tungsten Electrodes  A range of superior tungstens are available in all nominated sizes for steel, stainless and aluminium
 QS882  Thoriated tungsten electrodes for TIG 2%  Available in sizes 1.0mm-3.2mm
   Zirconated tungsten electrodes for TIG.  For welding magnesium and aluminium  Available in sizes 1.0mm-3.2mm
 QS883  Ceriated tungsten electrodes for TIG.  Non-radioactive substitute for Thoriated type  Available in sizes 1.0mm-3.2mm
 QS840 Tungsten chemical sharpener Just like chemically sharpened fishing hooks - you can put a perfect point on your thoriated/ceriated electrodes.  Chemical sharpening leaves no original marks and is excellent for site work and small diameter electrodes


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