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In Oxy/fuel and welding workshop environments there are requirements for some levels of safety standards, the level of those standards is the decision of management and welding operators.

As simple as it sounds it is difficult for organisations to identify a compliance welding safety standard and a structured plan that maintains welding safety at a controlled cost.  Quantec Solutions aims to provide their clients with clear principles and guidance for oxy/fuel and welding assessment .


  • identify the inherent oxy/fuel and welding environment hazards
  • calculate all hazards and measure the risk to personel and the organisation
  • maintain accurate up to date records of your organisations oxy/fuel and welding compliance activities
  • sustain the highest level of compliance safety within planned budgetary requirements


  • communicate clear oxy/fuel and welding Regulation and Australian Standard compliance reccomendations to key stakeholders
  • maintain clear recommendations which will direct organisations to effective oxy/fuel and welding safety commitments
  • outline measurable indicators, so providing effective resource management
  • assist organisations to develop a clear set of published oxy/fuel and welding safety values which are actively seen to be implemented and abiding by the values

Company Return/Value

Through clear reporting and communication all key stakeholders will achieve;

  • alignment within your oxy/fuel and welding safety compliance commitments
  • communication which will improve company values and awareness
  • encouragement for your workforce to accpet the importance of achieving welding safety compliance standards
  • an environment where poor oxy/fuel and welding house keeping is not accepted
  • suggestions that facilitate continual improvement
  • controlled resource management
  • Oxy/Fuel, Welding Environment - Complaince at the right cost.


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