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Most of our brazing products are available bare (indicated by B at the end of the part number) and flux-coated or cored (indicated by F at the end of the part number). The last two digits of the part number reflect the diameter of the rod in millimeters.

 QS200F Flux-coated nickel silver bronze for high strength brazing and building up shafts etc
 QS205 Low fuming general maintenance bronze for brazing on dirty and rusty metals
 QS210 Manganese brazing rod. For high strength brazing of steels, and cast etc
 QS315 15% Silver solder, self-fluxing. Designed for copper-to-copper and copper-to-brass
 QS340FC Cadmium free flux cored 40% silver solder suitable for food industry and maintenance
 QS345 45% Maintenance silver solder for general purpose
 QS356 56% Cadmium free silver solder for the food industries

Cadmium free flux cored 56% silver solder suitable for food industry maintenance

 QS36060% MAXI Silver brazing alloy provides maximum strength and lowest melting point 


QS600 Pure aluminium alloy wire for the OXY- acetylene or TIG welding
 QS602FC Flux Cored brazing alloy for dissimilar brasing of aluminium to copper, great fro refrigeration industry
 QS605 5% Silicon aluminium alloy.  Good for building up tolerance to dirty surfaces
 QS610 10% silicon aluminium alloy for the OXY-acetylene or TIG welding of all general aluminium alloys including sheets and castings.  High Fluidity
 QS612F Flux-cored aluminium brasing - low melting point for radiators, marine and trucking industries
 QS400T For fusion welding of cast iron, this filler of  cast is almost identical to base metal cast on manifolds etc and is ideal for manifold repairs.  Also used in conjunction with TIG welding as a filler.
 QS395 Self fluxing soft solder for the food industry.  Excellent for use on stainless steel.  Cadmium-free and lead-free.

 We have nickel based cobalt, tungsten chip and tunsten carbide grades for a huge range of applications

FLUX for QS398 - Tinning Paste QS300Flux - Silver solder
OXY        QS 600 - Flux Aluminium QS200Flux - Brazing
Acetylene use QS400 - Flux cast iron QS Flux - Soldering

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